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Thu Jun 27 17:32:53 BST 2002

There is also a question of which pitch standard is being used: old philharmonic (C=256Hz) is higher than new concert pitch (A=440Hz). Thus Oldham is definitely a C bell, though will appear only just flat of modern C#. Likewise Towcester and Peterborough (E-flat old concert), and many, many more... Does anyone know when each of the foundries changed to A 440 (obviously, some rings such as Cirencester, are still retuned to C256)?MPAW. --- David Bryant wrote: 
j.greenhough at w... wrote:

> Oldham are barely flat of C# according to my pitch-pipe.

Michael Wilby checked with Taylor's for the 12s website, and they said
definitely C, like Wakefield or Winchester.

York are only just Bb - the tenor is almost A.


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