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> I don't suppose you happen to have the frequencies of the bells at York, =
do you.

> 456 cps =3D B flat - 38 cents.

Do you have the other bells - I'm just interested in the accuracy of the tu=
ning and whether there is any stretch (from listening to them,I'm pretty su=
re that there isn't).

Also, I don't suppose you happen to have the pitches of any of the 40cwt C =
bells - Shrewsbury, Leeds, Buckfast, etc - are they generally flatter than =
the thin scale C's.

And finally, does anyone have the pitch of the Escrick (ex Birmingham) bell=
s prior to and after tuning. I'm told that they were already a flat C, they=
're now in B, but I'm not sure exactly where relative to B - I hardly ever =
ring there and haven't been there for almost a year now.

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