Re (2): [Bell Historians] Re: Thin Bells

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Thu Jun 27 17:59:47 BST 2002


> There is also a question of which pitch standard is being used:
> old philharmonic (C=256Hz) is higher than new concert pitch (A=440Hz).

Whatever the names, C256 is in fact _lower_ than A440 (=C261.6). (It is sometimes
referred to as 'philosophical pitch' because of the powers of 2 involved.)
Relative to C256, Towcester at 650cps would be E + 13 cents.

Incidentally it is not always possible to be certain what the A figure is, given
the C, since in days gone by it may not be certain what was the interval between
A & C.

Standardisation - as far as I can see Taylors have never bothered with any
exact pitch standard for ringing bells, tho' I suspect carollons are a different


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