Re (2): [Bell Historians] Re: Thin Bells

michael_wilby michael_wilby at y...
Fri Jun 28 10:08:18 BST 2002

> Whatever the names, C256 is in fact _lower_ than A440 (=C261.6). 
(It is sometimes
> referred to as 'philosophical pitch' because of the powers of 2 

My mistake - yes that is obviously the case. I had taken the "fact" 
on trust without looking at it properly. This does put a different 
complexion on what I had previously thought!

> Relative to C256, Towcester at 650cps would be E + 13 cents.

Without reaching for a calculator, what is the change in key 
reflected by the shift in pitch from "old" to "new"? 

...and does this offer an explanation for Jim Phillips' frequent 
outbursts about "Taylor pre-war D-flats tuned with forks being 
different to post war C-sharps tuned with machines better suited at 
making doughnuts", or whatever it is... :-)

When being transferred to Peterborough Cathedral, St John-the-Divine 
bells (Taylor 1902) were described by Foundry Focus (RW) as being E-
flat old concert pitch. Is this correct? Also, Newport Cathedral 
(originally Taylor 1913) are often quoted as being 21-2-20 in D - is 
this stricly-speaking E-flat old concert too?


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