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Everytime I think of something useful to add Bill gets there first!
All I can say is that I use a Camcorder and have found its response to be e=
xcellant for the tonal analysis of bells.
What might be even more surprising is that we have done some bell analysis =
where the sound has been transmitted live over a mobile telephone to our PC=
in the office (OK home) and that still produces very good results for anal=
ysis. However the frequency range is limited to approximately 300-3500Hz so=
one can miss low and high partials.

Finally the work Bill has done in this field ceases to amaze me. He has tak=
en our understanding of bells to a greater level. Keep it up Bill you are d=
oing an excellant job.

For those who are interested about bells, we (Keltek Trust) have just acqui=
red 9 ex-Trinity House buoy bells (see ). It don't think it =
will be too long before some are hung for full-circle ringing. Any one know=
of buoy bells being hung for ringing before?


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