Unknown founder's mark

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Thu Mar 7 22:16:33 GMT 2002


> I have posted a photo of a founders mark

No-one else seems to have replied . . .
A drawing of a similar mark appears in Lincolnshire Bells and 
Bellfounders, and there is a photograph of a similar mark, much more 
neatly executed, in Sussex Bells and Belfries. In the Lincolcshire 
book it is mark 12 on page 310. Unfortunately there is no index to 
marks (that I can find) so it is not easy to find out which bell it 
comes from. Perhaps John Ketteringham can search the text of the book 
for you?

In the Sussex book, a similar but better executed mark appears as 
item d in plate XI on page 48. Elphick says it appears on Catsfield 
treble and tenor. I infer from Elphick's text that he considers these 
bells to be 14th century, though he does not state this explicitly.

Rather vague answer I'm afraid, hope it is of some use.

Bill H

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