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David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sat Mar 9 14:17:38 GMT 2002

Hello All,

This email of to canvass opinion on a possible future website project
which I have in mind.

The Ringing World has come under much criticism on other chat lists in
recent months, with a fair bit of justification, I think - I'm seriously
considering not nothering to renew my subscription as the RW seems to
have degenerated into by and large a load of uninteresting crap. Of
course, it is easy to criticise, but looking through back issues there
seem to be more articles on matters of bell history, written by those
who are knowledgeable in the field. Nowadays we seem to get very little
of this, and although there have been some very good articles (those by
David Cawley in the last couple of Christmas issues spring to mind),
there is really very little in this line appearing. Presumably people
aren't bothering any more. I know I've been put off by them not
publishing things for months and months and then losing photos which
I've specifically asked to be returned - have others experienced similar
situations? There is also the matter of websites, which are increasingly
being used to publish 'county bell book' style information.

Now, to get the point! I'm considering putting together a website
specifically for publishing short to medium length articles on matters
of bell history, as a sort of 'sister site' to this list. Articles could
be longer than the RW allows, and illustrations could also be included
without difficulty. If people would be interested in submitting articles
for such a site I will see about setting it up.

What do people think?


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