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Sat Mar 9 19:17:09 GMT 2002

David Bryant:

> future website project which I have in mind . . .
> looking through back issues there seem to be
> more articles on matters of bell history . . .
> really very little in this line appearing.

I'm a great fan of the RW. I have over 20 years of them in the attic, 
they are a very useful archive of information.

When I set up my website, I considered publishing articles in the RW 
instead, and decided against it, on the basis that the subject was of 
restricted interest. I have never regretted this decision, the 
website has led to volumes of correspondence with people both in the 
UK and internationally who would never read the RW. And people who 
are not interested are free to ignore my stuff, I'm not taking up 
valuable pages in a general publication.

Out of loyalty to the RW, I feel I should submit occasional articles. 
One job for this weekend is to adapt the paper I wrote on Taylor's 
adoption of true-harmonic tuning to fit the RW publication 
guidelines, and send it in. But then I ask myself why I should 
bother? Probably everyone who is really interested has already seen 
it (it has been read by 42 people since I posted it to the web). But 
if people don't keep sending in copy the RW will surely die.

I think the clinching argument is that it is possible to publish far 
more infomation on the web than ever the RW would be able to carry.

Bill H

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