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Mon Mar 11 09:16:09 GMT 2002

Good stuff. Probably best to split it into two installments, and submit both at the same time. I've found it works just as well to email photographs, then there is no problem with the office losing them! Provided the photos are scanned at 300dpi (print quality), there should be no problem; indeed this is all they will do with any photos you send, so cut out the middle-man...
As an aside, anyone scanning for the web need not bother using any higher resolution than 72dpi, as this is the usual resolution of monitors. The only time it is worth scanning higher than this is when one wants to "blow up" a portion of/the whole image without losing quality.
oakcroft13 <bill at h...> wrote: David Bryant - York's lost churches.

This is a good article, of considerable general interest I should 
say. Only problem is that it is over 3,800 words, RW publication 
guideline is 1,800 . . .

Bill H

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