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Steady on

The RW is a ringers' paper. It is also run by a small team on a pretty tight
budget. We can't expect it to become a historians magazine - and we should
do our bit to provide good copy (and pictures) in the form that the editor
requires it. Asking him to look at it on the web isn't on, because in effect
you're saying to him "this isn't really for you, but you can use it if you

I happen to think that the historical coverage in the RW has been and is
pretty good. It's a significant element, and there's been some good stuff.

We all take the paper for what we see in in for our own interests, and as
long as there's something for everyone with reasonable frequency (and
quality) then none of us should complain


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> I sent an email to Robert Lewis about my 'lost churches of York'
> article, asking whether he would be interested and to have a look at the
> web version and see how many parts he wanted it split into - reply
> below. This really does not encourage me to bother. If he can't be arsed
> even to look at it why should I be arsed to send it to him? Going to a
> specified link is hardly 'hunting' for it! I will send it to him though
> - this time. As to his comment on having included more historical stuff
> - well, I'm not convinced. What do others think?
> David
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> Dear David,
> Thanks for this. I am certainly interested; can you send me an e-mailed
> copy of the text - I'm afarid we don't have time to go hunting for
> things
> on the web.
> Incidentally, I thought your dumb bell article was very good and I have,
> in
> fact, included it in the 15th March issue. Needless to say I was
> slightly
> bemused when I had finished preparing that issue to read your recent
> comments on the change-ringers list. Believe it or not, some people have
> suggested that I am much too keen on the historical side of things and I
> think if you cared to check back there has probably been a higher
> density
> of it during my time as Editor than even in David Thorne's!
> Kind Regards,
> Robert
> PS - we need pictures at 300dpi (website versions are invariably of too
> low
> resolution for us to use)
> At 12:17 11/03/02 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I've written an article on the lost churches of York and their bells -
> >draft version online at
> >
> >http://www.bryantd.fsnet.co.uk/articles/lost_churches.htm
> >
> >Can you let me know if you'd be interested in publishing it. It's about
> >twice the lenght of your word limit, so I'll split it into parts - how
> >many do you want? Are the pictures on the web high enough resolution or
> >do you want me to rescan them at a higher res?
> >
> >David
> >
> >
> >
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