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Wed Mar 13 12:52:11 GMT 2002

the article was written for the Rw, not the web. I only put it on the
web so that members of this list could have a look at it - it is
basically an edited version of the releveant pages from my York site,
and I would be disappointed if it was edited further - hopefully it can
be published in several parts.


> John Ketteringham wrote:
> I have become rather concerned with the way in which the Ringing World
> debate is going. I wonder whether those who are critical have really
> thought about the constraints with which the editor is faced. A
> considerable number of pages each week are taken up with reports of
> peals and quarter and with notices of meetings. This leaves very
> little space for the publication of other material and, of course, the
> editor must try to strike a balance.
> No editor can please all his readers all the time and it is a
> thankless task. I honestly believe that the present staff are doing
> a very good job. It is surprising that the paper has not long since
> ceased publication. This would be a tragedy as I am sure many
> ringers rely on it as an essential means of communication.
> I suggest that ringers who really care about the future of the
> exercise should first of all become subscribers themselves and then do
> all they can to persuade others to be come subscribers.
> I suspect that the majority of ringers do not have access to the web
> and I suggest that articles such as David's about the 'Lost churches
> of York' could be published in the RW in an edited form with a note to
> the effect that a more detailed account can be found on the web. In
> years to come the RW will still be available for consultation whereas
> the appropriate web site may not then.
> I did think that the editor's response to David was very reasonable.
> From John Ketteringham of Lincoln England
> web site : http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.ketteringham
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