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A little reflection - though some (including me!) may find it hurtful

A mature writer accepts editing. An experienced writer doesn't need it

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I have become rather concerned with the way in which the Ringing World de=
bate is going. I wonder whether those who are critical have really thought=
about the constraints with which the editor is faced. A considerable numb=
er of pages each week are taken up with reports of peals and quarter and wi=
th notices of meetings. This leaves very little space for the publicatio=
n of other material and, of course, the editor must try to strike a balance=

No editor can please all his readers all the time and it is a thankless t=
ask. I honestly believe that the present staff are doing a very good job.=
It is surprising that the paper has not long since ceased publication. =
This would be a tragedy as I am sure many ringers rely on it as an essen=
tial means of communication.=20=20=20

I suggest that ringers who really care about the future of the exercise s=
hould first of all become subscribers themselves and then do all they can t=
o persuade others to be come subscribers.

I suspect that the majority of ringers do not have access to the web and =
I suggest that articles such as David's about the 'Lost churches of York' c=
ould be published in the RW in an edited form with a note to the effect tha=
t a more detailed account can be found on the web. In years to come the =
RW will still be available for consultation whereas the appropriate web sit=
e may not then.

I did think that the editor's response to David was very reasonable.

>From John Ketteringham of Lincoln England

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