Historical lists of peals / founders

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Sun Mar 17 21:32:50 GMT 2002

> Andrew wrote:
> . . . Merthyr Tydfil . . . What date etc.
> Dave Bryant replies with details (which he also supplied to me a 
while ago).

I have dozens and dozens of past emails from various correspondents 
regarding the date and founder of various peals of bells. I have 
considered putting the information I have into a master list, but 
have never got around to this, not least because I have always 
assumed (based on talking to them!) that the experts have already 
researched this information exhaustively.

Are there any plans to publish such information electronically? Much 
of it is already available in 'Bells of ...' books but on paper, 
across multiple volumes, it's not possible to search it effectively.

I would be quite happy to collate the limited information I have in a 
spreadsheet and publish it here as a one-off. I'm not in a position 
to maintain such a list on an ongoing basis.

Bill H

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