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>Would the tuning of Merthyr bells been advantaged by the lathe which cou=
>cut right down in the shoulder/crown - when did Taylors get such a machi=
Should have thought so - I think they got one in 1896.

>One reason for my asking is that Headingley bells are about to be rehung
>etc. They are not the best peal of eight but I believe a visit to the
>tuning machine could make a lot of difference. They are not really as d=
>as E - the treble is actually very clos to F but there is a bit of stret=
>in the octave. Does anyone know of a peal of bells from Taylors in 1890 =
>have been retuned since?

Low Elswick, Newcastle - 1880s and tuned in the 30s.

>PS What do we know of Dobson/Osborn and their attempts at octave bells?

There's been some stuff in the RW at various times - anyone have referenc=

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