David Bryant djb122 at y...
Tue Mar 19 14:38:39 GMT 2002

Anyone know of any more 12s which are likely to appear in the near
future? The only ones I know of are South Croydon (being done at the
moment) and Ripon, where there is the intention to add 2 trebles and a
flat 6th at some point within the next few years - I'm not really in
favour of the present trend of augmenting all the good 10s to 12. Long
may the Beverley towers remain as 10s!

On the subject of 12 bell frames with fewer bells in the (the subject of
one of my recent emails) here are those I know of at the moment, in no
particular order:

Goulburn, Australia, 10 in frame for 12+6b
Farnham, 10 in 12 bell frame
Preston, 10 in 12 bell frame
Youlgreave, 10 in frame for 12 (plus 2#?)

There are also a number of 10-bell frames designed with the foundations
for 2 extra pits, e.g. St Peter's, St Albans.


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