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Tue Mar 19 16:41:10 GMT 2002

David Bryant:

> Perhaps a paper print out and a CD would
> be a good idea.

I didn't make myself clear in my previous post. A good example of an 
archive where a print-out on paper doesn't cut the mustard is the 
Felstead peal database. We had that on paper (OK, record cards) but 
it took man-months or man years of work to put it online. I'm sure it 
could be printed out for archive purposes, via reports from the 
database (printing it from the user interface available on the web 
would be very arduous). But to then recreate the database from the 
printed version would be quite a lot of work. Hopefully the printouts 
could be scanned, but intepreting the scans into a database would be 
a process involving manual processing.

Bill H

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