Unusual Frames

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at f...
Tue Mar 19 23:34:16 GMT 2002

I presume the frame arrangement at St Thomas, Bristol is unique, being 5,4,3
and 2 in one row and 6,7,1 and 8 in the other, all swinging E-W, with the
treble rope drawn considerably to produce a "circle"! I believe it to be
older than 1756 (the date of the 2 trebles) and would be interested to know
what anyone else thinks.

Another unusual frame in Bristol is at Stapleton where there is a large
central void and the bells are arranged in anti-clockwise order 1,6,2,3,4,5
with the treble on the N wall, 6 & 2 along the W wall, 3 on the S wall and 4
& 5 along the E wall. As with St Thomas the treble rope is drawn

At SS Philip & Jacob, Bristol bells 3 & 4 are transposed in the frame and
the ropes cross in the clock room.


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