Dove / lost rings / national bell register

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Wed Mar 27 13:40:32 GMT 2002

I generally agree with David's comments about Dove, though I do quite 
like the large size - then again I don't usually carry it around with 
me. I found the sections at the back of previous editions very 
interesting and was saddened that they were curtailed.

He then says:

> Surely, if the CC actively intens to 'hijack' any such project
> (and quite possibly make a balls up of it) representations should be
> made.

Perhaps someone can verify this? Have they, as he puts it, hijacked 
the project, or did they actually instigate it?

On completely different subjects:

I've saw a few years ago a wonderful photograph of the tower at 
Emscote, Warks, as the explosive to demolish it had just been set 
off. The tower was still recognisable but was in the process of 
disintegration. Does anyone have a copy I could have for the Church 
Bells of Warwickshire site?

Playing Devil's Advocate; recently the steel rings at Bassaleg, 
Horninglow, Bamford in the Peak and Randwick have all been replaced 
by "conventional" bells. Should we care if the remaining steel rings 
are likewise lost?

Mike Chester

BTW The D & N are actively investigating the possibility of rehanging 
the tenor at Willington for ringing.

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