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Taking up the suggestion to discuss what is, and what is not, included in
Dove, and extending it a little, I have attached two lists.

The towers in Dove.txt are those that are currently listed in Dove but NOT
in TowerBase. Those in Twr_base.txt are currently listed in TowerBase but
NOT in Dove.

There are 70 such towers in total. This excludes any differences in three
bell towers, lightweight rings and lost rings.

Please let me know whether each tower should be deleted from its list or
added to the other one. If it should be deleted then please indicate
whether this is because it has become a "lost ring" (according to the
definition given by David Kelly), or because it should never have been
listed in the first place.

I do have some of the answers already, but have included the full list for

If this is not of sufficient interest to the group then please reply direct
to me.

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Ansty, Warw, S James, 4, 4=BEcwt in D. Unringable. SP400837
Ashow, Warw, Assumption of Our Lady, 4, 6cwt in B. Unringable. SP312702
Bobbington, Staffs, Holy Cross, 4, 5=BEcwt. Unringable. SO808905
Bourton, Salop, Holy Trinity, 4, 2=BDcwt. SO597963
Brington, Hunts, All Saints, 4, 5=BCcwt. Unringable. TL082759
Bythorn, Hunts, S Lawrence, 4, 12-0-0. Unringable. TL057758
Cambridge, NI, New Zealand, S Andrew, 6, 12=BCcwt. Steel bells; unringable;=
tower unsafe.=20
Cathedine, Brecon, Wales, S Michael, 4, 8cwt. Unringable. SO143251
Comberton, Cambs, S Mary, 4, 4cwt. Unringable. TL383555
Corbridge on Tyne, Nhmbld, S Andrew, 6, 6-2-23 in Bflat. Unringable. NY9886=
Cork, Cork, Ireland, S Nicholas, 8, 16cwt in E. Bells "grossly out of tune"=
; unringable. W6 7
Crickadarn, Brecon, Wales, S Mary, 4, 9cwt. Unringable. SO089422
East Horsley, Surrey, S Martin, 4, 13cwt. TQ096528
Easton, Hunts, S Peter, 4, 11=BEcwt. Unringable. TL139716
Elmstone Hardwicke, Glos, S Mary Magd, 4, 15cwt in F#. Anti-clockwise; unri=
ngable. SO920260
Exeter, ON, Canada, Trivitt Memorial Church, 6, 16-0-22 in F. Sat 13.00=20
Fort William, High, Scotland, S Andrew, 4, 5cwt. Unringable. NN103740
Frankton, Warw, S Nicholas, 4, 8cwt in Aflat. Unringable. SP423701
Garthbrengy, Brecon, Wales, S David, 4, 9cwt. Unringable. SO045335
Gerrans, Corn, S Gerran, 4, 4-3-8. SW873352
Great Stukeley, Hunts, S Bartholomew, 4, 4cwt. Unringable. TL217745
Himbleton, Worcs, S Mary Magd, 4, 9cwt in G. Unringable. SO946587
Hornby, Yorks, S Mary, 4, 10cwt in G. Unringable. SE222938
Ingleton, Yorks, S Mary V, 6, 12cwt. Steel bells; unringable. SD696733
Little Eversden, Cambs, S Helen, 4, 11cwt. Unringable. TL375533
Little Paxton, Hunts, S James, 4, 7=BDcwt. Unringable. TL189628
Llandefalle, Brecon, Wales, S Matthew, 4, 11cwt. Unringable. SO107355
Llangadog, Camarth, Wales, S Cadoc, 4, 4-1-25. SN706284
Long Itchington, Warw, Holy Trinity, 4, 8=BDcwt in A. Unringable. SP412651
Madrid, Spain, Iglesia de San Francisco el Grande (The Royal Church), 8, 8=
=BDcwt in Aflat. Unringable.=20
Munslow, Salop, S Michael, 4, 12cwt. Unringable. SO521877
New York, NY, USA, Holy Trinity, 8, 24-3-25 in D. Unringable.=20
Offord Cluny, Hunts, All Saints, 4, 9-1-1. Unringable. TL219670
Old Weston, Hunts, S Swithun, 4, 7cwt. TL093772
Penallt, Monmouth, Wales, (unknown), 4, 6cwt. Unringable; tower unsafe. SO5=
Philadelphia, PA, USA, S Peter, 8, 15-1-25 in E. Unringable.=20
Poona, PanHd, India, Holy Name, 8, 25-0-18 in E. Unringable; detached tower=
Radnage, Bucks, S Mary, 4, 9cwt. SU786979
Ravenfield, Yorks, S James, 6, 9cwt. Unringable. SK485954
Rockbeare, Devon, S Mary (GF), 6, 12cwt. Unringable. SY020953
St Gennys, Corn, S Genesius, 4, 7cwt. SX149972
St Mary Church, Glam, Wales, S Mary, 4, 9cwt. Unringable. ST002716
St Pinnock, Corn, S Pinnock (GF), 4, 6cwt in B. Unringable. SX200632
Shelley, Suff, All Saints (GF), 5, 11cwt in G#. Unringable. TM031385
Stanford on Teme, Worcs, S Mary, 4, 5cwt in C#. Unringable. SO702658
Stottesdon, Salop, S Mary, 4, 9cwt. Unringable. SO673829
Sutton, Beds, All Saints, 4, 8cwt in G. Unringable. TL219475
Thurles, Tip, Ireland, RC Cath Ch of Assumption, 8, 31=BEcwt in D. Anti-clo=
ckwise; unringable. S1258
Topcliffe, Yorks, S Columba, 4, 12cwt. Unringable. SE399761
Treneglos, Corn, S Werburgh, 4, 7cwt. SX208881
Wadesmill, Herts, S Mary, 4, 7=BDcwt. Minor key; unringable. TL358173
Wellington, NI, New Zealand, S Peter, 8, 15-2-27. Unringable; tower unsafe.=
Weston under Wetherley, Warw, S Michael, 4, 8cwt in A. Unringable. SP360692
Wiggenhall St German, Norf, S German, 4, 9=BDcwt. Anti-clockwise. TF597140
Woodwalton, Hunts, S Andrew, 4, 6cwt in B. Anti-clockwise; unringable; towe=
r unsafe. TL209821
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Baldersby, Yorkshire, S James, 8, 25-3-19. Unringable. SE366769
Clehonger, Herefordshire, All Saints, 4, 8-0-0. Unringable. SO466379
Datchet, Buckinghamshire, S Mary the Virgin, 5, 12-0-0. Unringable. SU98777=
Harbledown, Kent, S Nicholas (Hospital Chapel), 4, 4-2-16. Unringable. TR13=
Hennock, Devon, S Mary, 4, 10-0-0. Unringable. SX830809
Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, S Peter, 4, 10-0-0. Unringable. SU385530
Ickham, Kent, S John the Evangelist, 4, 8-0-0. Unringable. TR222581
Ketton, Rutland, S Mary the Virgin, 6, 10-0-21. Unringable. SK981043
Lewes, Sussex, S Thomas a Becket, Cliffe, 4, 7-0-0. Unringable. TQ421103
Mordiford, Herefordshire, Holy Rood, 5, 10-0-0. Unringable. SO571374
Sevington, Kent, S Mary, 4, 8-0-0. Unringable. TR037409
Sheering, Essex, S Mary, 4, 8-0-0. Unringable. TL508136
Stanion, Northamptonshire, S Peter, 4, 10-0-0. Unringable. SP916868
Swinford, Leicestershire, All Saints, 4, 9-3-4, SP569794
Wreningham, Norfolk, All Saints, 4, 6-3-24. Unringable. TM163989

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