Towers Missing From Dove/TowerBase

mikechester_uk mike at m...
Thu Mar 28 10:36:12 GMT 2002

The attachments weren't! There was a list at the end of your message. 
I cannot tell which list is which. Those tower that I know something 
with certainty about are:

> Ansty, Warw, S James, 4, 4¾cwt in D. Unringable. SP400837

Correct - in place and unringable

> Ashow, Warw, Assumption of Our Lady, 4, 6cwt in B. Unringable. 

Correct - though may soon be ringable

> Cambridge, NI, New Zealand, S Andrew, 6, 12¼cwt. Steel bells; 
unringable; tower unsafe. 

Correct - article in RW last year

> Corbridge on Tyne, Nhmbld, S Andrew, 6, 6-2-23 in Bflat. 
Unringable. NY988644

Correct - a saxon tower without much in the way of foundations - Bell 
installation in itself is in a ringable condition

> Exeter, ON, Canada, Trivitt Memorial Church, 6, 16-0-22 in F. Sat 

These are really hung Veronese style but can be rung for changes, are 
the largest(?) bells in a bigger chime

> Frankton, Warw, S Nicholas, 4, 8cwt in Aflat. Unringable. SP423701


> Long Itchington, Warw, Holy Trinity, 4, 8½cwt in A. Unringable. 

> Weston under Wetherley, Warw, S Michael, 4, 8cwt in A. Unringable. 


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