[Bell Historians] Re: Dove / lost rings / national bell register

mikechester_uk mike at m...
Thu Mar 28 10:25:11 GMT 2002

> Yes, all the missing lists in Dove should go back - but let's not 
lose sight
> of the fact that they are on the Keltek website, where corrections 
> improvements can be made AND (getting back to the recent 
discussions on the
> proposed web publication) there's room for more detail.

What is not available is a list of chimes. I would gladly extract 
them from the previous edition and send them on to David Kelly, so 
that others might add details of dates, etc., but would this not be a 
breach of copyright?

> The picture of Emscote that Mike Chester wants is at the 
Warwickshire Record
> Office - hurry, as it's about to close for a major building 
programme! - and
> it's in Rosemary Booth's "Around Warwick in old photographs" (Alan 
> 1990) p.75. It's a cracker!



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