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Like David Kelly, I have basically "walked" from the NBR project. If it goes
ahead, it has to be a properly run project, "staffed" by people who know the
subject and understand the material (also with the relevant database
experience), and - ideally - funded (but don't look to the CCC - it has no
money). An amateur, limited and entirely voluntary project just won't do.

I've always been willing to share "my" information, and I still am. But
there's a big difference between voluntary exchange of information in a
hobby area and spending long hours extracting / contributing material to a
project of which one may be wary if not mistrustful.

Yes, all the missing lists in Dove should go back - but let's not lose sight
of the fact that they are on the Keltek website, where corrections and
improvements can be made AND (getting back to the recent discussions on the
proposed web publication) there's room for more detail.

The picture of Emscote that Mike Chester wants is at the Warwickshire Record
Office - hurry, as it's about to close for a major building programme! - and
it's in Rosemary Booth's "Around Warwick in old photographs" (Alan Sutton
1990) p.75. It's a cracker!

If it wasn't for copyright (don't want to offend WRO as I need to stay
friends with then for when I do publish CBW!!!), I'd scan it and post it for
all to see


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> I generally agree with David's comments about Dove, though I do quite
> like the large size - then again I don't usually carry it around with
> me. I found the sections at the back of previous editions very
> interesting and was saddened that they were curtailed.
> He then says:
> > Surely, if the CC actively intens to 'hijack' any such project
> > (and quite possibly make a balls up of it) representations should be
> > made.
> >
> Perhaps someone can verify this? Have they, as he puts it, hijacked
> the project, or did they actually instigate it?
> On completely different subjects:
> I've saw a few years ago a wonderful photograph of the tower at
> Emscote, Warks, as the explosive to demolish it had just been set
> off. The tower was still recognisable but was in the process of
> disintegration. Does anyone have a copy I could have for the Church
> Bells of Warwickshire site?
> Playing Devil's Advocate; recently the steel rings at Bassaleg,
> Horninglow, Bamford in the Peak and Randwick have all been replaced
> by "conventional" bells. Should we care if the remaining steel rings
> are likewise lost?
> Mike Chester
> BTW The D & N are actively investigating the possibility of rehanging
> the tenor at Willington for ringing.
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