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I'm surprised there has been no further response to this regarding Moseley S
Anne and Whitwell on the Hill. With Moseley, the fact that they have levers
prevents them from appearing in Dove at present. However, the intention that
wheels will one day be fitted seems to prevent them appearing as a lost
ring, so at the moment they are in limbo. Has anybody here chimed them?
Perhaps there should be an entry in Dove along the lines of:-

Birmingham, W Mids, S Anne, Moseley (GF), 5, 4-0-16 in B. Anti-clockwise;
rung from porch. {Swinging chime at present}

With Whitwell on the Hill, perhaps if levers had been fitted to all the
bells then they could be classed as a lost ring like Ketton and Gissing, but
the present situation renders them part lost and part unringable so I feel
they should remain listed in Dove.


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> Nick Bowden:
> >> In my opinion Baldersby should still appear as an unringable ring.
> There is a chance here to clear up a few anomolies (a ghastly word,
> over-used in the Time Team programme).
> I noticed that Baldersby had dropped out of Dove, but did not know the
> wheels had been removed. I doubt anyone will want to ring them in their
> current tower, but I am happy for them to be included as unringable and as
> tower unsafe. They can be swung from headstocks, but not full circle.
> This leads on to two other towers. Moseley, St Anne in Birmingham were
> rehung a few years back, with the addition of another bell to make five.
> These were hung with the intention of making them easy to convert into a
> ringing peal once the band had got to a big enough number. So, I assume
> they were hung as normal, but without wheels, stays and sliders. Going by
> the Baldersby definition, these should be included, but as unringable.
> anyone know how the band is getting on there?
> The last tower in Whitwell on the Hill, north east of York. These were
> messed about the other year so that the wheels were removed from the front
> three bells, and levers (?) used on the back three for swing chiming.
> are in Doves as unringable.
> This shouldn't really be on the 3 and 4 bell list, maybe it should move to
> nabbers? Both the above projects had front page Ringing World articles, so
> can check the details if anyone is interested.
> John
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