Whitwell on the Hill

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With Whitwell on the Hill, perhaps if levers had been fitted to all the
bells then they could be classed as a lost ring like Ketton and Gissing, bu=
the present situation renders them part lost and part unringable so I feel
they should remain listed in Dove.

Rupert Burgess has seen them, and from what he's said I believe the front 3=
have full wheels, but with the bit below the lip of the bell cut out to pr=
event them being rung full circle (rendering them, in effect, chiming lever=
s). The back three, I think, just have Ellacombe hammers - no levers or whe=
els. I believe the front 3 also have Ellacombe hammers. How do you classify=
them then?!

David Potter tells an amusing story of the last time all six were rung. App=
arently they were ringing bob minor, and he was on the tenor. The wheel som=
ehow stopped, but the bell kept going and smashed all the spokes to pieces.=
A few years later they went back, hoping to ring the front 5 as Pete Sande=
rson wanted to grab them, but another grabbing party had already been there=
and the wheels of the front five were in a similar state to the tenor!

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