[Bell Historians] Clinton Meneely and bell acoustics

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Good stuff this! It reminds me of the letter written by Thomas Bond, the B=
urford bellfounder, to the Ringing World in 1926 (p.360). On tuning, Bond w=
rote "I believe the whole system [the five-toned principle] is a farce and =
nonsense, and I believe the best results are had, only, from practical expe=
rience on the part of the bell founder"

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More on the Clinton Meneely talk from 1935 (link in previous=20
message). It is such a good read I am going to put it on my website,=20
if I can get permission. Part of it is a rant against 5-point tuning=20
(we would say true harmonic). His opinions, which I assume were=20
voiced primarily to protect his business, were based in part on the=20
carillon at Albany, which at the time was a 47-bell Taylor instrument=20
of 1928. Just two extracts will show the style:

On true-harmonic tuning: "some theoretical process of manufacture=20
which has the same scientific background as some of the expressions=20
found in modern advertisements."

On playing music on carillons: "to allow the playing of the more=20
complicated works on a set of bells is a feature of sensationalism=20
that belongs on the vaudeville stage."

Wonderful stuff!

Bill H

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