[Bell Historians] bell acoustics

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu May 2 15:03:53 BST 2002


> A noteworthy example is Leighton Buzzard, where Chris
> Dalton/Mark Regan imposed stiff numerical constraints on the tuning and succeded in
> getting the most WBF/G&J-like peal ever produced by L'boro.

But wasn't that because Mark was seriously hacked off because he'd been
determined to have a Whitechapel ring and the PCC had over-ruled him?
That's what I've heard, anyway.

There were a number of bells rejected from the Leighton Buzzard ring
because they had slight musical imprefections. One (not sure what it was
to be) is now 5/12 at Newport, IOW, and a rejected 6th is now 7/10 at
Charminster, Dorset. I think there might be some more, but I don't know
what happened to them.


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