Westminster tenor

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Thu May 2 15:29:10 BST 2002

Steve Ivin:

> Bill Hibbert took up the challenge . . . from a rather irrelevant 
point of view :-) :-)

Well, in my defence, I did my best with the problem, even if I came 
up with the wrong answer! Do you have a suggestion as to how I might 
have solved it differently? The trick I missed was assuming it was a 
finished bell.

Did you get my email about the implications re WBF's redesigned 
profiles, supposedly created for the Westminster job? Based on the 
pre-tuning weight and partial frequencies for the bell, it feels as 
if they cast a heavy, thick old-style bell, and then took 5 or 6 cwt 
out of it to get a true harmonic bell.

Bill H

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