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> I promised a while ago to upload some of my photos of the Basaleg 
> immediately after sand-blasting. There are now several on the 
photos page.
> David
Thanks David. The bells appear to be in reasonable condition from the 
Could the bells perhaps have been used around York?
It is possible for steel bells to be tuned-look at the back six at 
Hale(Lancs association) which have been tuned by the Merseyside bell 
restoration group. They have tuned up quite well.
It seems a shame that the Basaleg steel bells have been lost as a 
ringing peal.
I am surprised that David Potter and fellow ringers did not take up 
the challenge to hang them around York,especially when I think about 
the amount of good work they have done in that area over the years-I 
wish that there were enough people in my area with the motivation and 
skill to carry out such works.

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