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Fri May 3 23:26:31 BST 2002

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Alan Wrote:
> Could the bells perhaps have been used around York?

David Potter's projects have always involved rehanging existing bells in Yo=
rk, or where 'new' installations are provided any second hand bells used ar=
e always good quality and harmonically tuned. Most have been by Taylor's, w=
ith one lot (St Wilfrid's) by G&J. Despite what everyone says, the Basaleg =
bells were not good tonally, and not worth the considerable effort required=
to build a frame and hang them - it would be better to pay that bit extra =
and get some good bells. I think that David initally bought them more for t=
he fittings than for the bells - the bearings and gudgeons were modern and =
by Taylor's - but the museum in Sheffield became interested in the bells. A=
t least they are preserved, and I for one am glad that we don't have to rin=
g them!


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