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> Alan Wrote:
> > Could the bells perhaps have been used around York?
> David Potter's projects have always involved rehanging existing 
bells in York, or where 'new' installations are provided any second 
hand bells used are always good quality and harmonically tuned. Most 
have been by Taylor's, with one lot (St Wilfrid's) by G&J. Despite 
what everyone says, the Basaleg bells were not good tonally, and not 
worth the considerable effort required to build a frame and hang 
them - it would be better to pay that bit extra and get some good 
bells. I think that David initally bought them more for the fittings 
than for the bells - the bearings and gudgeons were modern and by 
Taylor's - but the museum in Sheffield became interested in the 
bells. At least they are preserved, and I for one am glad that we 
don't have to ring them!
> David

I gather that when the back six at Hale were at Bootle,they were not 
of good tone,however after local retuning they sound good now.
I understand that the move to replace the previous fire damaged ring 
at Hale with the ex Bootle steel bells was that they were a lot 
cheaper than normal bells,and in my opinion,the Mersyside bell 
restoration group have done an excellent job at Hale,and to be quite 
honest,there is not much difference tonally between the bells at Hale 
and a ring of normal bells.

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