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> But wasn't the aim at Bath at least to hang them without clappers and
> use a simulator?

It was intednded to use them as a base for a ringing centre - the building is 
now used as a comunity hall and the ringing chamber is used for storing 
boxes. The bellchamber lies empty except for the base grillage of the 
bellframe and it was intended to build a bellframe on these as before. There 
was no support from the local branch which was then (and still is) in serious 
decline from what it used to be.

> On the subject of Bath, I should think the six from there were a real
> loss - 1894 Taylor's and by all accounts of good tone, and in the end
> serving as no more than a supply of scrap metal for Midsomer Norton's
> augmention.

You have to blame the diocese for that - it would never happen these days. 
David Purnell told me that he bought the entire Lyncombe installation in 1975 
for £500.
Just as a point of interest - the peal boards from Lyncombe (including some 
made from slate) are now at St Matthew, Widcombe.

If I had been there - I would have done my best to stop the destruction of 
these bells - the only decent 6 in the city - I was 2 years old at the 

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