David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sun May 5 12:16:35 BST 2002

I've seen a report on the Lyncombe bells by George Massey, made when it
became clear that the bells would have to be removed. In it he expresses
the hope that the installation in its entirety could be transferred to
another tower, and suggests Buckland Dinham which were at the time a
barely ringable six. I've talked to him about it and I know that he
regrets the fact that the bells were lost. It is perhaps rather a
paradox that the Keltek trust, which has done far more towards saving
bells that anyone else, is now based nearby - if only it had existed

Do you by any chance have any pictures of the bells or of the
bellchamber as it now is?

And on a related subject, is there any chance you could suppy full
details of the installation at Midsomer Norton - It's the only one of
the Somerset 12s where I haven't crawled around the bellchamber with my

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