[Bell Historians] Dove inexactitudes

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Tue Oct 1 12:04:27 BST 2002

> I think that I would rather have the, to my mind, silly situation of
> rings of 12 + #treble/6b being described as a ring of 13 with a 6b.
> Surely:
> 1 There have been no rings of 13, every one uses the #treble to get
> a light 10. Not a single straight 12 has been augemented to 13.
> Mancroft shows the sillyness of this situation. The #treble rope
> falls between 11 & 12, very close to 12.
> 2 That if you disagree with 1 above then surely they should be a
> ring of 13 with 7b, not 6b!

That is EXACTLY what I said when John Baldwin asked for my input on
semitones for the last Dove. I said that my preference was for '12 + 0 and
6b'. Although this could perhaps be seen as technically incorrect, it
reflected what extra trebles are used for. If you want to be technically
accurate, it is, as Mike says, 13+7b. John chose to ignore my sugegstions as
he said it made it more difficult to understand for ringers who weren't
technically minded. My response that having something which was technically
inaccurate was more confusing didn't convince him!


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