[Bell Historians] Dove inexactitudes

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Tue Oct 1 12:50:21 BST 2002

 --- Mike Chester wrote: 
I think that I would rather have the, to my mind, silly situation of 
rings of 12 + #treble/6b being described as a ring of 13 with a 6b. 

1 There have been no rings of 13, every one uses the #treble to get 
a light 10. Not a single straight 12 has been augemented to 13.

Mancroft shows the sillyness of this situation. The #treble rope 
falls between 11 & 12, very close to 12.

2 That if you disagree with 1 above then surely they should be a 
ring of 13 with 7b, not 6b!


Absolutely, but I would insist that there is no reference to "rings of 13" for all the reasons above. It is just wrong from every practioners view-point. I would also like to see the semitones included again to detail the total number of bells hung for ringing in connection with that instrument, and also details of any other bells in the tower. Our 11cwt chime of 9 (diatonic 8 plus b6) has been omitted from the current version of Dove, as have similar chimes elsewhere, and I believe the current edition is MUCH poorer for these, and other, omissions. Not the "interesting" browse it once was...

As far as tenor weights go, it is just not sensible to keep recording a weight which is known to have been reduced - it is quite misleading, and I don't suppose future generations will thank us for knowingly making information more incorrect. Ron Dove is probably turning in his grave as he sees all the hard work he put in being discarded.

Perhaps the current "custodians" of Dove are not the right people to be doing the job..?

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