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I've been trying to resist chipping in on this one, since the suggestion is=

It is absolutely true that an exact weight in such cases is the one weight =
the bell cannot possibly be (a point well made by whoever said it!), but eq=
ually - in a form of publication where it's only possible to give one versi=
on - a "marked" weight would show a) that an exact weight was known but b) =
no longer applies because of some known change.=20=20

Remember that trying to establish exact weights where approximates are show=
n was a key research activity for Dove and his helpers over many years.

In an ideal world, one might give - sequentially - all recorded weights for=
a given bell, thereby making the status of each weight crystal clear. But =
where there's only one version this can't be done. I would argue that <7-1=
-16 (a neutral example where nobody worries about whether or not the bell i=
s over a ton!) is more satisfactory than an arbitrary approximate weight (i=
s it 71/4, 7 or 63/4?) and avoids the risk of people re-submitting the exa=
ct weight that they've "newly" discovered.

All you doubters, just think about the likelihood of YOUR notifying John Ba=
ldwin if YOU found an exact weight for a Dove entry where an approximate we=
ight is shown. Can you be sure - hand on heart - that you would always know=
whether or not that exact weight had been altered for some reason (removal=
of canons since rehanging). We may be talking NOW about cases where we do=
know, but the use of a <marker would help YOU to know the score where ther=
e's any doubt=20

I'm not suggesting it's perfect - but I do think it has some practical adva=
ntages, and could help to save our time, and that of Dove's compilers

In fractal wrongness?

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"Absolutely, but I would insist that there is no reference to "rings of
13".... I would also like to see the semitones included again to detail t=
total number of bells hung for ringing in connection with that instrument=
and also details of any other bells in the tower...=20

As far as tenor weights go, it is just not sensible to keep recording a
weight which is known to have been reduced ..."

Hear! Hear! Can't agree more.


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