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Ah, you wish. Such an audit trail might be desirable, but I very much doub=
t if it exists. John does keep a record of corrections notified and made/re=
jected, but this isn't the same (by any means) as a complete and full audit=
trail of past and present weights

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"All you doubters, just think about the likelihood of YOUR notifying John
Baldwin if YOU found an exact weight for a Dove entry where an approximat=
weight is shown. Can you be sure - hand on heart - that you would always
know whether or not that exact weight had been altered for some reason
(removal of canons since rehanging). We may be talking NOW about cases
where we do know, but the use of a <marker would help YOU to know the sco=
where there's any doubt"

I believe that there is an audit trail behind each entry in Dove anyway (=
that right?). Therefore it is quite easy to place any former exact weight
into the audit trail. On the surface therefore we don't have to view
erroneous weights and a symbol "<" that could mean a quarter, a half cwt,=
cwt, 1 cwt and a half, a couple of cwt, etc. less than the weight shown.=

In the future, with the increase in the number of "Church Bells of..."
publications (books or web), historical weights will be more accessible a=
therefore number of weight queries should diminish, expecially as the
on-line Dove usefully provides direct links.


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