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DRL sensibly asks: How many weights did Dove himself reduce in this way fro=
m actual to approximate?

Not many - if ever - I suspect. But the frequency with which this occurs h=
as, I think, increased in recent years with more work being done to alter t=
he weights of tenors weighed previously. I guess Ron may have known of a ha=
ndful of examples but not bothered about them, whereas now there are more t=
o worry about.

We went through a period of trying to establish exact weights instead of ap=
proximate. As time progresses the handful of cases we're discussing won't =
be the only ones where we revert to approximate from exact


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"Ah, you wish. Such an audit trail might be desirable, but I very much
doubt if it exists. John does keep a record of corrections notified and
made/rejected, but this isn't the same (by any means) as a complete and f=
audit trail of past and present weights."

When I said audit trail, I meant a record of corrections notified and
made/rejected, not the full monty. So if John is notified that Abingdon i=
19 cwt rather than 20-x-x, the fact would appear in his audit trail and i=
20-x-x is subsequently "discovered", John has a record that this is wrong=

John's starting point at the moment is a list of approximate weights and =
audit trail with historical exact weights where advised, which I guess is
probably pretty comprehensive for bells falling in this category? How man=
weights did Dove himself reduce in this way from actual to approximate?


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