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Wed Oct 2 09:01:18 BST 2002

So the weight of St Paul's tenor that Mark Regan went
to the trouble of getting is invalid then? Don't see
why weights can't be taken in situ - all scales have
to be calibrated whether a fixed weighbridge or a
portable load link.


--- jim phillips .

<jim at p...> wrote: 

Dave Bryant wrote:-<BR>
>But we're not talking minute measurements here
though Jim - the resolution<BR>
>only goes dove to the nearest pound.<BR>
Neither am I.  The only way to accurately weigh a
bell is to lower it to the<BR>
ground and weigh it on a scales that has been
calibrated and stamped by<BR>
Customs weight & measurements authorities. 
This is particularly relevant in<BR>
view of ' the mine is bigger than yours syndrome' and
those with a mental<BR>
problem who love to cry yaboo! I told you so.<BR>


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