[Bell Historians] weights & measures

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Wed Oct 2 12:57:10 BST 2002

Jim wrote:

> Neither am I. The only way to accurately weigh a bell is to lower it to
> ground and weigh it on a scales that has been calibrated and stamped by
> Customs weight & measurements authorities. This is particularly relevant
> view of ' the mine is bigger than yours syndrome' and those with a mental
> problem who love to cry yaboo! I told you so.

So, as in the case of St Paul's, the weights might be different when
subsequently re-weighed, either due to inaccuracies in one or other weighing
or corrosion / deposition on the bells. Either way, it is usually only a
difference of small magnitude. It is taken as read that the weights in Dove
as as recorded when the bell was last weighed, and provided it has not been
tuned or had canons removed since. I think most people accept that there
might be error in puiblishe dbell weights, but it id our job to perpetuate
the most recent and accurate, not to knowingly circulate weights which are
known to be inaccurate.


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