weights & measures

jim phillips jim at p...
Wed Oct 2 23:40:49 BST 2002

Carl S Zimmerman seems to be the only one talking any sense in the above
debate and I entirely agree with him. We certainly need a bench mark to
start from. All the bathroom scales in our house give a different weight
for me!
He wrote:-
>And we expect that the
>first two forms are estimates while the third is the result of the
>bell being weighed, presumably by means of a scale that had been
>properly calibrated by HM Standards Office (or whatever the proper
>name of the appropriate agency is).

Today I had a splendid day in Oxford, truly a City blessed with much beauty
and wonderful towers and spires to gaze at. The wonderful simplicity of Tom
Tower at Christchurch got me wondering about the bell Great Tom cast in 1680
by Christopher Hodson. Does anyone know where it was cast and how many
furnaces were used? Are there any other bells still in existence by this

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