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> As most of us know,there are people not connected with the bell 
> foundries that have cast bells within the last thirty or forty years-
> namely Richard Bowditch and Arthur Jopp(and also Walter Dobbie?).
> The questions I would like to ask are how many bells have the named 
> persons cast and what are the largest bells they have cast?
> I also would like to ask if anyone knows of a bell that Mr Jopp cast 
> and hung for ringing for a friend of his?
> Are there any more people that have cast bells that I have not 
> mentioned?

Arthur Jopp cast over 50 bells plus numerous handbells. I managed to buy all 
of his bellfounding stuff at an auction last year - including his strickles, 
3 complete moulds which had never been cast and his vertical tuning machine. 
I also bought all his handbell patterns - if anyone would like to use them - 
let me know. 
Doreen Jopp has the foundry book with the details of all the bells cast 
Arthur cast a single bell (½ to ¾cwt) for a neighbour, John Ward, and hung it 
for ringing in his garage. I was lucky enough to grab it one day whilst 
visiting Doreen & Arthur and became one of about 4 people who has rung every 
full circle bell in the village - much to David Bagley's discust! John Ward 
moved a few years ago but the bell remains at Stoulton.

Richard Bowditch & myself have cast over 300 bells since 1989. The largest 
being the 1½cwt replica medieval bell for St Giles, Pertwood Manor Farm, 
Wilts (as used on my letter heading). We have now started casting individual 
small bells to G&J profiles which appear to be excellent even prior to 
There are now over 250 Higby/Bowditch bells hung for full circle ringing! 
including 30+ complete rings. I have a full list if you are interested.

The Hayward Mills 8 were cast at a foundry in Stoke on Trent, I believe. 


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