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I can't remember his name. A ringer who attended Aston University in the 6=
0s caste a bell about 10 inches high as part of his project. This was hung=
in a frame with full fittings and was diplayed in Kings Norton, Bham ringi=
ng chamber for many years. I believe he reclaimed it a couple of years ago=

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As most of us know,there are people not connected with the bell=20
foundries that have cast bells within the last thirty or forty years-
namely Richard Bowditch and Arthur Jopp(and also Walter Dobbie?).
The questions I would like to ask are how many bells have the named=20
persons cast and what are the largest bells they have cast?
I also would like to ask if anyone knows of a bell that Mr Jopp cast=20
and hung for ringing for a friend of his?
Are there any more people that have cast bells that I have not=20

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