[Bell Historians] Prinknash Abbey

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Mon Oct 7 09:40:41 BST 2002

> I think a treble which is just 1lb short of 4cwt would be perfectly
> acceptable for a 21cwt tenor. If they sound weak - the hangings are wrong.
> wonder why there is such a large jump between bells 4 and 5 though.

> Look at Loughborough Bellfoundry Campanile for a lightweight front end - I
> don't think they sound weak at all. Who would suggest installing a 6½ cwt
> ring of six with a 1½ cwt treble? Strange how some people say it wouldn't
> work!

I was judging by St Wilfrid's in York - tenor 18 cwt, treble (of 8) just
over 3, so a similar scale to Prinknash although a little lighter. The
treble (and 2nd) of the 8 are both a little weak when heard with the back


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