Bronze bells for clocking?

slobandito at y...
Wed Oct 9 20:06:42 BST 2002

I ring three bronze bells at my church. About 12 patterns altogether,
fron the Angelus to the Call to Worship and the Gloria. The bells
remain static, while the clappers are "clocked." The current bells
date from the 18th and 19th century and there is talk about placing
them in the parish museum and replacing them with 4 new bells (we have
an open portal right now).

Who makes the best bells in terms of tone and durability? Whose bells
are the best value? I would particularly like to know about:
Eijsbouts, John Taylor, Paccard, Petit & Fritsen and Whitechapel.

Obviously we do not have a carillon or a chime, so pefrectly tuned
bell may not be as important as durability and price 

Any information would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks very much;


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