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> I can't comment on the above, as I have not heard the bells, and have 
> not (yet) made a study of Warner's tuning. Interesting opinion though 
> from a respected authority.

I agree with Chris Dalton on this one, we rang a good quarter of Cambridge on 
the old six which I thought were fantastic. They were really loud in the 
ringing room and were very resonant - you cold easily fill the whole ringing 
chamber with sound! 

I went back 4 years later for a peal on the 8 and came away really 
disappointed. However, a lot has changed during the 
restoration/augmentation. New floor(s)? have been installed and the bells are 
now a lot quieter in the ringing room. I expect the intermediate void is 
packed with rockwool or similar which filters out a lot of the resonance. The 
bells have also been fitted with S.G. clappers which will make the sitjuation 
worse still. I would love to hear what they sound like outside.

I heard a rumour that the locals did not want the old bells tuned - the 
bellhanger paid for the tuning himself..... Ironic if it is true!

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