John Warner & Sons.

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Mon Oct 14 18:05:51 BST 2002

Did JW & Sons cast things other than bells & fittings?

I went around the "Bath at Work" museum with the in-laws today. One of the 
exhibits was a gas compression type machine (looked like a mangle but with 
pistons) which was used in the fizzy drinks industry. The framesides were 
made of iron and had John Warner & Sons inscribed on them. It must be the 
same firm. 
Another interesting feature of this museum is the works of J B Bowler & 
family who were engineers, lock smiths and also bell-hangers. The firm ran 
from the early 1800's until 1969 when all the stock was sold to Avery, Knight 
and Bowlers, engineering supplies (still running).


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