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Interesting this. There were two large bells in the Canterbury Heritage Ce=
ntre, neither of them by Joseph Hatch. The larger of them, right in the en=
trance foyer, is 33.5/8" diameter, and is by William le Belyetere of Canter=
bury, c.1325. It was the tenor of a ring of three at St Giles, Kingston, j=
ust south of Canterbury. Has a horizontal crack in the soundbow. When Tay=
lors rehung the two other bells dead on dirders in 1971 this bell was "dum=
ped" on the first floor. Either RCO or NJD brought it to the attention of =
the Heritage Centre folks and it has been magnificently cleaned and polishe=
d for all to see.
The other bell is 21.7/8", 2-1-8, by Richard Kerner, also of Canterbury, 15=
05. It was the tenor of three at St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, destroyed in =
the blitz of Canterbury, 1st June, 1942. It was said to be the oldest bell=
dated in arabic numerals in the country. When Mears & Stainbank recast the=
remains of the other two bells into one for the new church, this was saved=
and was later moved to the Heritage Centre.
So is there a Joseph Hatch bell there ? There are over 100 of his bells st=
ill in Kent belfries, and over 30 of John Wilnar's, some of them excellent.


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There is a gorgeous Joseph Hatch bell on exhibition in the Canterbury
Heritage Centre. Where did it come from?

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