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Tue Oct 29 09:18:40 GMT 2002

I've heard it a number of times from sources I can't remember, but it's
written in 'Church Archaeology' by Warwick Rodwell. Rodwell was (and may
still be) the cathedral archaeologist at Wells, so would be in a position
to have access to all the records at the cathedral.


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> writes:
> > I've heard the story a number of times that the two tenors at Wells were
> > cast somewhere in the precinct in 1877. Does anyone know if this is
> > true? It seems rather unlikely to me at so late a date.
> > 
> Thats a new one on me - they would have had to take it to Loughborough for 
> tuning so I doubt its true. The 9th is a maiden bell.
> Where did you hear it?
> Matthew

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