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> I've heard it a number of times from sources I can't remember, but it's
> written in 'Church Archaeology' by Warwick Rodwell. Rodwell was (and may
> still be) the cathedral archaeologist at Wells, so would be in a position
> to have access to all the records at the cathedral.

I suspect most of the previous recastings of the bell must have been done in 
the close area to the Cathedral. The lates recastings of the tenor are as 

Founder Date How long it lasted.

Joseph Carter of Reading 1588 ¢94 Years   
Thomas Purdue of Closworth 1673 ¢84 Years
Abel Rudhall of Gloucester 1757 ¢46 Years
John Rudhall of Gloucester 1803 ¢74 Years
John Taylor of Loughborough 1877 Still going 125 years later!

As most of the 1757 ring are still going strong, I suspect that they were 
cast at Gloucester and brought to Wells. Maybe the larger bells were cast on 
site & thats why they didn't last long??

For interests sake, the most accurate details of the present ring I can find 
are as follows (Thanks to WBF records & others):

Bell Weight Diameter Founder Date
(Cwt-qtr-lb) (Inches)
Treble 7-3-12 31½" Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel. 1891
2nd 9-0-2 33½" Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel. 1891
3rd ¢9-2-0 36¼" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
4th ¢10-2-0 38" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
5th ¢12-1-0 39¾" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
6th 15-1-14 44" Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel. 1964
7th ¢19-2-0 48" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
8th ¢23-0-0 50½" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
9th ¢31-0-0 55" John Taylor & Co, Loughborough. 1877
Tenor 56-1-14 65½" John Taylor & Co, Loughborough. 1877

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