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Can't give chapter and verse, but I'm 99.99% sure the 1877 bells weren't ca=
st at Wells - and not much less certain that the 1757 bones weren't either.=
Warwick Rodwell does refer to the 1877 bells as having been cast there, bu=
t I can't believe he's got this from anything other than hearsay

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I've heard it a number of times from sources I can't remember, but it's
written in 'Church Archaeology' by Warwick Rodwell. Rodwell was (and ma=
still be) the cathedral archaeologist at Wells, so would be in a positi=
to have access to all the records at the cathedral.

I suspect most of the previous recastings of the bell must have been done=
in the close area to the Cathedral. The lates recastings of the tenor are =
as follows:

Founder Date How long it lasted.

Joseph Carter of Reading 1588 =A294 Years=20
Thomas Purdue of Closworth 1673 =A284 Years
Abel Rudhall of Gloucester 1757 =A246 Years
John Rudhall of Gloucester 1803 =A274 Years
John Taylor of Loughborough 1877 Still going 125 years later!

As most of the 1757 ring are still going strong, I suspect that they were=
cast at Gloucester and brought to Wells. Maybe the larger bells were cast =
on site & thats why they didn't last long??

For interests sake, the most accurate details of the present ring I can f=
ind are as follows (Thanks to WBF records & others):

Bell Weight Diameter Founder Date
(Cwt-qtr-lb) (Inches)
Treble 7-3-12 31=BD" Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel. 1891
2nd 9-0-2 33=BD" Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel. 1891
3rd =A29-2-0 36=BC" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
4th =A210-2-0 38" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
5th =A212-1-0 39=BE" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
6th 15-1-14 44" Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel. 1964
7th =A219-2-0 48" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
8th =A223-0-0 50=BD" Abel Rudhall, Gloucester. 1757
9th =A231-0-0 55" John Taylor & Co, Loughborough. 1877
Tenor 56-1-14 65=BD" John Taylor & Co, Loughborough. 1877


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